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The process of getting your hotel listed for booking is as simple as ABC

Step 1
01 .

Signup by registering your basic details to have an account with citybook

This entails clicking on Add Listing or click on Signin buton on the homepage to start the registration process.

Step 2
02 .

Activate your account through your provided E-mail

Activate your account through your provided e-mail and and follow the link provided through a redirection back on citybook website.

Step 3
03 .

Go to your Dashboard to Start Listing

You can click on Add New in your dashboard menu to start posting and uploading your hotel details as well rooms and pricing on citybook. When you have supplied all the necessary details, then click Submit.

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popular questions

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What is the price of posting?

Poating starts from 1,000 naira only

Can I upload images or pictures?

Yes of course, becuase the hotel rooms and premises images matters a lot to your listing and booking through citybook

Can I create a profile page for business?

 Yes, a profile page is available to be customised to allow you have a web face like a landing page for your listing on citybook

Does my Listing expires?

Yes, your ad posting may expire so it will stop showing on the site for through search box, it can be listed for visibility.

Can I get more post listing?

yes, if you need more possibilities in posting then buy higher packages

How do I post my listing

To start posting is simple, create an account by clicking on signin, activate through your e-mail, login to your dashboard, click add new to post your ad listing option. if you don't have a package, buy a package by clicking on Packages

Where do I see my hotel listing

In your dashboard, click on my listing and also note that your ad listing will show on the website frontage provided you are on a paid plan as we may not be able to guarantee that free listing will show.

Is my listing going to appear under featured?

Hotel listing may show if you are on the paid plan but if not, it may not show.

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